– Which agencies participate in “La Maddalena Weekend”?  

Anyone with accommodations (Bed & Breakfast, Vacation Homes, Rooms for Rent…) Contact us at infor@bblamaddalena.it or by phone at 366.31.46.855

– How can I make reservations for on offer I am interested in?

After you have looked over all the tourist services available, you can request specific information by sending an email via our website on the page “Contatti” (Contacts). Under each tourist service provided you will find a list of who provides accommodations, photos, and descriptions for each location.

– Who do I make the payment to once I choose an offer?

Once you decide how you would like to spend your Weekend, you can select your choice on the website page “Contatti” (Contacts). Once we receive your email, you will be contacted with the details of your choice based on availability to include the method of payment for each service.

– When I arrive at the port in Palau, which ferry do I need to take?

Once you arrive in Palau, purchase a ferry ticket from the terminal for the ferry line Delcomar; show the ticket agent your reservation documents for  “La Maddalena Weekend”. To qualify for the resident rate, you must purchase a roundtrip ticket (Palau – La Maddalena and visa versa).