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How to organize a boat wedding in La Maddalena

How to organize a boat wedding in La Maddalena

Organizing a wedding on a sailing boat in La Maddalena can be a unique and romantic experience. Contact us for more information

Here are some steps you could follow to plan an unforgettable wedding at sea:

  1. Choose the Sailing Boat:
    • Find a sailboat that fits the number of guests and your budget. Make sure the boat is equipped with all the comforts necessary to host a wedding ceremony and party.
  2. Choice of Location:
    • Select a suggestive seaside location for the ceremony and party. It could be a nearby island, a quiet bay or a picturesque port.
  3. Check Legitimacy:
    • Check the legal requirements for having a wedding at sea in your chosen location. Some destinations may require specific documents or special permits.
  4. Set the Date and Time:
    • Consider the time of year and weather conditions. Choose a date and time that suits the marine climate and the preferences of the bride and groom.
  5. Plan the Ceremony:
    • Plan the ceremony on the boat. You can choose to get married on the deck of the boat or land on a beach or island for the ceremony.
  6. Catering and Drinks:
    • Discuss catering options with the boat captain or rental service. You can opt for on-board catering or organize a picnic on the beach.
  7. Decorations and Flowers:
    • Decorate the boat and surrounding spaces with flowers and decorations that fit the marine theme. Make sure the decorations are secure and well anchored to avoid problems during navigation.
  8. Musical Entertainment:
    • Arrange a sound system or band that can provide the perfect soundtrack for your special day.
  9. Bride and Groom Dresses:
    • Choose wedding and groom clothes that are suitable for the marine context. Light, comfortable clothing is often a wise choice.
  10. Transport for Guests:
    • Plan transportation for guests arriving on the boat. Make sure you provide all the information necessary for boarding.
  11. Photography and Video:
    • Make sure you have a photographer and videographer to capture the special moments of the day.
  12. Plan a Plan B:
    • Consider having a plan B in case weather conditions are unfavorable. It may be useful to provide an alternative location for the ceremony or party.

Remember that organizing a sailing wedding requires good planning and coordination. For this reason we recommend that you contact us for and enjoy the magic of celebrating your love in the middle of the sea.

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