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What is the price of an all-inclusive tour to La Maddalena?

What is the price of an all-inclusive tour in La Maddalena?

The price of an all-inclusive tour to La Maddalena may vary based on several factors. Here are some of the main elements that can influence the cost of a tour:

  1. Tour Duration: The length of the tour can significantly affect the price. Longer itineraries, which include more destinations and activities, may have higher costs.
  2. Type of Vessel: The type of vessel used for the tour may influence the price. For example, renting a sailing boat may have a different cost than a dinghy or a motor boat.
  3. Inclusion of Meals and Drinks: If the tour includes meals and drinks on board, the price may be higher than a tour without catering.
  4. Additional Services: Some all-inclusive tours may offer extra services such as snorkeling, snorkeling equipment, tour guides, and other special services that may affect the total price.
  5. Seasonality: During the high tourist season, prices may be higher than during less crowded periods. Availability and demand affect tour rates.
  6. Experience of the Captain or Guide: The presence of an experienced captain or guide can influence the price. Guides with specialized knowledge of the area can offer a more informative experience.
  7. Equipment Provided: If the tour provides equipment such as life jackets, snorkeling gear, or other equipment, this may affect the overall cost.
  8. Group Size: Smaller or private tours may have higher costs than those with larger groups, as they offer a more intimate experience.
  9. Itinerary and Destinations: The choice of destinations and itineraries may influence the price. Some locations may be more exclusive or require additional costs.
  10. Company Reliability: Companies with an established reputation or that offer high-quality service may have higher prices.

Before booking an all-inclusive tour, it is advisable to carefully read what is included in the package and compare prices between different options to ensure you get the best value based on your needs and preferences.

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star rating  Paesaggio mozzafiato, vista spettacolare, mare cristallino, il sole tiepido di settembre ci ha accompagnato nella giornata.
Grazie al capitano Roccia e al suo staff abbiamo visitato... read more

avatar thumb sara f
September 29, 2023

star rating  Domenica abbiamo fatto il tour nell’arcipelago della Maddalena. La giornata è iniziata costeggiando l’isola di Santo Stefano per poi fare tappa nell’isola di Caprera e visitare le fortificazioni di Candeo.... read more

avatar thumb Carlotta
September 27, 2023

star rating  Giro in barca spettacolare, grazie soprattutto al Capitano Roccia, ed al Suo staff, persone a modo, disponibili e molto divertenti. Gentilezza e cortesia sono di casa nella barca del Capitano... read more

avatar thumb susanna d
September 27, 2023
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