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Rib’s excursions without a license in La Maddalena

Dinghy excursions without a license La Maddalena

Choose a inflatable boat without boat license (i.e. with power up to 40 hp) if you don’t have a boat license, a boat trip to La Maddalena could be a practical choice for several reasons:

  1. Ease of Driving: Smaller inflatable boats usually require less navigation skill than larger boats. They are often easy to maneuver and suitable even for those who do not have nautical experience or a specific license.
  2. Freedom of Exploration: With a dinghy without a boat license, you have the freedom to explore the surrounding waters at your leisure, without having to depend on a captain or tour guide. You can choose your destinations and stops along the way.
  3. Reduced Costs: Usually, renting a dinghy without a license is cheaper than larger boats or guided trips. This could be an advantage for those looking for a cheaper option.
  4. Flexibility of Schedules: With your inflatable boat, you are free to plan your day according to your schedule and preferences. You are not tied to the schedule of an organized trip and can adapt the experience to your own pace.
  5. Access to Remote Places: With a dinghy, you have the ability to access coves and more remote places that may not be reachable with larger boats or on organized trips.

However, it is important to consider some aspects before renting a dinghy without a boat license:

  • Experience: Although inflatable boats are generally easier to drive, it is always advisable to have at least a minimum experience in operating boats.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can affect navigation safety. Make sure you are aware of the weather forecast and respect the sea conditions.

Before making a decision, carefully evaluate your skills, needs and the type of experience you want during the trip to La Maddalena. Contact Mj Tours, who will be able to offer you the best solution at truly competitive prices.

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star rating  Paesaggio mozzafiato, vista spettacolare, mare cristallino, il sole tiepido di settembre ci ha accompagnato nella giornata.
Grazie al capitano Roccia e al suo staff abbiamo visitato... read more

avatar thumb sara f
September 29, 2023

star rating  Domenica abbiamo fatto il tour nell’arcipelago della Maddalena. La giornata è iniziata costeggiando l’isola di Santo Stefano per poi fare tappa nell’isola di Caprera e visitare le fortificazioni di Candeo.... read more

avatar thumb Carlotta
September 27, 2023

star rating  Giro in barca spettacolare, grazie soprattutto al Capitano Roccia, ed al Suo staff, persone a modo, disponibili e molto divertenti. Gentilezza e cortesia sono di casa nella barca del Capitano... read more

avatar thumb susanna d
September 27, 2023
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